Dress ChrisBer’Y Natalia Oreiro

Recently fulfilled another dream of mine – I met up with Natalia Oreiro during her tour of Russia! Natalia incredible, amazing, so bright and charismatic, alive and real! I admire her inner strength and uncontrollable energy, sincerity and spontaneity. Natalia literally the living embodiment of the holiday – her eyes are always shining, it is with sincere joy shares with others his energy, gives a positive and good mood. She is impossible not to love, she became an example for many, including for me. Probably not enough words to Express my love and my admiration!

In childhood Natalia Oreiro literally became my inspiration – I was conquered by her inimitable game in the series: she has created is so vivid, so strong and memorable image… by the Way, not so long ago, I learned that Natalia is largely played itself – not doing much on the script, and felt herself, as she would have done to be the heroine.

Naturally, when I learned that Natalie is coming on tour in Russia, I immediately wanted to meet her and give her a special gift that would help me Express my love and admiration, gratitude and appreciation. I wanted to give her a piece of their warmth, their soul! All these feelings I could only Express through own work. And I decided to create a special dress, exclusive, specially for Natalia Oreiro!

I have to say, to create the dress was incredibly difficult! It was important for me to feel the taste and preferences of Natalia, to anticipate her wishes, besides, the dress was supposed to give her a sense of comfort. But I could not advance to meet up with Natalia and didn’t even know her measurements!

Usually, that used to come up with a dress I need no more than 5-10 minutes, and here I was thinking three days! And that’s just about the style of dress! I could not and did not want to think about anything else: the whole day, and then stay up half the night my thoughts were only dress. And this continued for three days until I decided what should be the dress for Natalia Oreiro!

When the decision was made: my team and I undertook the creation of this unique outfit. We have been working on a dress for three days while we had to think through every detail, we had to make Natalia was comfortable in this outfit. We sewed the dress, not knowing the size, literally at random, based only on my feelings and assumptions. And we did it! We thought of everything so that I feel, I’m sure 99% of the dress will sit on Natalia’s perfect!

The dress turned out truly Royal. Graceful body without shoulder straps (I know that Natalia loves open shoulders :)) of red silk with a slight shimmer spray and seductive neckline, which we used in leather goods collection RealFantasy, complemented by luxurious skirt with a train. The skirt is made of silk, imitating fur, and decorated with incredible lace belt and embroidered with beads. The same subtle black lace with beads embellished neckline dress. Skirt worn over a bodysuit and black lace belt beautiful is superimposed on the scarlet silk. By the way, Natalia is like the combination of red and black, that’s why we chose this combination of colors for her dress. But to outfit sat on Natalia ideally, we chose a stretchy fabric and made body ranging in size.

Due to the tight schedule of Natalia, a meeting with her several times postponed. I waited for her for three days – and all the while insanely worried and worried, I am about anything else even could not think. I want to say a huge thank you for the opportunity to meet with Natalia and personally convey her dress! I’m really happy!

Our meeting was quite short: Natalia with family and team was “on suitcases”, so the gift I gave her quickly, right in the corridor of the hotel! I understood her situation, and, of course, did not have time to tell her everything you feel. But I’m sure Natalia will feel the love I had created for her dress when you try it. I already know what outfit she really liked it, because I saw admiration in her eyes when she saw the outfit! Except for the dress I made for her two presents – one more beautiful dress and amazing leggins, where she will be warm and very comfortable in our cold winter. I’m sure she will love them, and they will become one more reason to return to Russia. :)


By the way, while we waited for Natalia at the hotel, I interviewed the Director of her film, Martin Sastre. We talked about Natalia and her game in the series, her art and style, and, of course, about how she inspired me in my childhood.

Natasha, thank you again for the positive and for the warmth that you give us, thank you for your strength and energy! We really appreciate all of this, and love you with all my heart – you have become very dear and close!