I am a graduate “Like Business”: I want deliver the secrets and share my experiences!

лайк1I recently finished a course Like Business training was very rich, unusual and truly addictive. Many have asked me about this course, and I decided to write you a little note to share my impressions. 😉

Classes are held once a week, on Sundays, plus mid-week webinars or meetings in teams on homework. The course was saturated, after an 8 hours class from information overload even have a headache! :)


I love the training, I am very interested to learn: I literally absorb information, and try immediately to embody everything heard. This is very important because only then the learning will be productive! In addition, it is also a special community of people United by similar goals. This is very interesting!


лайк3Must say, very important, what your social circle is directly affects your development. When you’re with the right people, certain “acceleration”. This is very cool and nice! Thanks to courses “Like Business” I have found a lot of good people, bright and wise. Glad that attract such people, I am pleased to communicate with them!
Ayaz, who created the “Like Holding”, translates the same values, which guide me in life and business. I was this close. For example, for me it is very important that the case, which decided to devote himself to people, it was a favorite! An example of this is my choice. And this is also emphasized in the classroom, as the love for his work is important for success.

If you doubt whether to go or not to go on courses, trainings – need to go, you need to use this feature! Because any training is an investment in yourself, that is the most profitable investment. Such training creates a way of thinking and therefore habits, and eventually, it grows from this success. I started my business from scratch and now have already achieved certain results success in the business. :)