Interview about the new collection autumn-winter 2014

EysjfFMSOY0The other day in a fashionable cafe “BlackberryCafe” presentation of the collection FALL-WINTER 2014-2015 designer Christine Berezhneva brand “ChrisBer’Y”. Christina shared with me the secrets of creating perfect outfits “ChrisBer’Y” and talked about plans for the near future.

Aleksandra: Christina, what was the inspiration when creating this collection?

Christina: My clients are always asking about new collections, they say that can not dress in other stores. (Smiles) anyway, I wanted to dress their girls, and in the winter they were very beautiful, so you can look trendy and stylish every day!

pHgduIcNWucIdeas do not leave me! They literally attack me – only manage to embody! But to make a pattern again to work under each model, it is rather difficult. This is the basis of impeccable tailoring, and, consequently, the perfect dress or any other outfit!

Requests girls haunt me. I can’t sleep knowing that I have not dressed my clients! (Smiles) In General, this is me and hurried.

Aleksandra: What kind of fabric You used?

Christina: This is an exclusive, very fashionable this season fabric. For example, one of the main trends of the season – tissue resembling fur. It is a thin fabric of silk, wool yarns, similar to natural Karakul.


Models of this fabric made a splash in America,and now my clients are crazy about her! (Smiling).

Back in the fall collection products made of 100% wool overcoat fabric Chanel wool with thin elastic bands on the inside and a relief pattern, fabric Antonio Marras with an unusual pattern of extruded thin strands.Leather, of course.

By the way, in combination with the fabric today, it is the trend! A very beautiful silk, stitched with a pattern of roses, incredible woollen overcoat fabric Armani, though of small cells, plated with silver!

Aleksandra: what colors are used?

Christina: Royal blue, bright red, black, green, silver, grey, blue!

Aleksandra: In the collection FALL-WINTER 2014-2015 appeared coat. What inspired You to create it?


Will tell the story: my client was in London and there is cold. She went with friends to the shops, but never bought: she didn’t like anything! She started to see a lot of deficiencies in other things, because I’m used to how perfectly sit on it my outfits. (Winks and smiles)

Imagine, she calls me and tells me about it, says he feels cold and he could not choose a worthy thing that wants to wear only what I do ! And I realized that I must create something warm! And there were ideas about the coat. (Smiles)

ciFWfZeG_WwAleksandra: Describe your favorite outfit from the collection FALL-WINTER 2014-2015


They are all favorites! They’re all so perfect and thoughtful that I want to wear and wear! Every time I wear something from my things, feeling like the first time! The reaction of the people pleasant: so many reviews collect my models. They are everyone’s favorite. (Smiles)

But most of all I certainly wear a jacket made of thin threads, it goes with almost all models from this collection: with any skirt, any dress up with all your favorite leggings. (Smiles) And in combination with a fur skirt, of course, he catches on a lot of admiring looks! This unique model. (Smiles again)

And the skirt in this set made a splash at fashion week.


PbtnTmOVBboAleksandra: What You’re now working? What surprises await your fans in the future?


We create several warm jackets! And also prepare a Christmas collection of incredibly beautiful fabrics! Just insanely beautiful dresses waiting for when they appear on the screens and in the showroom. (Winks)

I just have to help them, create them! And happiness of my lovely ladies and their men. It turns out that I not only girls do happier, and men that are in contact with this beauty. (Smiles)

Nice to know!

Aleksandra: Where you can buy Your outfits?

Christina: Please call to schedule a fitting in my sewing room, on the Stariy Arbat, it provides all the dresses.(phone can be found on the website ) It is Advisable to book in advance, so that you can spend enough time with each girl.

Aleksandra: And the last question. The girl in the dress fromChrisBer’Y“, who is she?

Christina: She’s… magical! (Smiles) Goes by leaves a trace. Dress ChrisBer’Y does the job!

Editor: Aleksandra Vorlok