My first wedding dress


It’s not just the luxury wedding dress is a dream come true or if you want an animated fairy tale with a happy ending. In childhood, every girl dreams of marrying Prince charming: hundreds and thousands of times is your own wedding, down to the smallest detail “draws” in the imagination of her outfit… Also, probably dreamed about the perfect dress and my client, Victoria.

She came to me about five years ago with an old newspaper clipping. Said that have kept the clipping for many years that it has pictures of the dress of her dreams! Of course, the details of the dress on newspaper photographs was not to see clearly stood out only the silhouette of the outfit.


I painted a wedding dress, the way I saw him with the words Victoria – she loved it, she is like a Bud learned in my picture my dream. I picked up the fabric and created this dress, brought to life the dream of my client!

Dress was born in 2010 – it turned out fabulous, unique!3

On a semi-transparent mesh bodice dresses Bud bloom fantastic flowers, lined with the finest lace and softly shimmering pearls. Form-fitting skirt made of flowing silk from the knees blends in luxury skirt-plume of ostrich feathers.

The open back is framed with delicate lace along the hips and shoulders, elegant tie decorated with tufts of feathers.

By the way, this is a fantastic dress with a secret – the skirt of ostrich feathers is easily removed, and gorgeous evening dress is transformed into a graceful, elegant dress to the knee. This saves the bride from having to change clothes after the ceremony, and feel as freely as possible.

When I created this dress, I felt a little good witch from a fairy tale. And the dress really was a magical Victoria met her Prince and recently married. Of course, she was wearing a dress of her dreams, which is patiently waiting in the wings!