One step in the center of the World

Before you part from the personal diary: the story about the trip to America. This is a story about the most intimate, the story that reveals the mystery, the story about all the difficulties and obstacles on the way to the goal.

I sat and wrote their plans and goals night of the new moon, I love to write, love to plan.

After I started to see images of my desires, hotels in which I want to live, the country in which want to visit. Since my plan was to participate in the fashion week in NY, I went to their website and saw that fashion week will be held next week from 4 to 11 September!

And then I immediately began to look up your ticket and hotel: I wanted to be at this fashion week! I have to go there, to see how everything happens, going to fashion shows of top designers, to meet people from the world of the fashion industry of new York city! I have almost no friends in NY and for the Americans I little known. I need to go exploring! Need to attend the shows!

We started to search the Internet for information about where to buy tickets for the show and it became clear it do not get it. Tour operators offered a night in a hotel in a Deluxe room with one displaying unknown designer and invitation to a party and all this for$ 6000;). We wrote to the site administration MBFW about me to get me accredited and admitted to the screenings. We were told that the designers advised to refer to the participants of the fashion week at the invitation tickets. At all sites it was written that on the shows get is not real, the tickets to get not really, even if you write the designers, 99.9% of you won’t answer! I understand them: before the show not to email.

Without thinking, I bought a non-refundable round-trip ticket, MSC – New York – MSC, became even worse after this step. Like I understand that is unrealistic, as I’m going to a foreign country without knowing the language!!! And without invitation will be on display at the largest fashion week! But inside was a sense of confidence that everything will turn out! As always, don’t know how, but sure!

Arrived in new York. I met a friend of mine, now a good friend! He was the DR that day and the whole evening he fussed with me: I chose the hotel. By choosing the hotel, I was determined with the number, like, an hour! In the end, I’ve spent the money and got a very nice room with a corner window on itage! I need it for inspiration!;)


Sleep at night is terrible at this altitude is very strange! I haven’t trusted this tallest building – it seemed unstable;)

In the morning, seeing this beauty – the view from the window to the center of the Park and the skyscrapers, sunrise – I enjoyed this beauty and abundance, I didn’t want to leave the room!

The first day I walked in the Park and quite a bit around the city.

The evening came to a party, timed to coincide with fashion week in new York, the club is based in Lady Gaga

2Actually,I really did not like it. Was a ridiculous show models dressed in the toilet – is not level. But I learned that there is a site at which you can buy for$ 50-100 a ticket for the fashion show as part of this fashion week. Shows, timed to coincide with MBFW that are not only on the Playground at Lincoln center, but in other places. Then my new friend and her friend took me to some place, I didn’t like it and I just left there!



The next day my assistant bought me a ticket for$ 100 and I went to this show. On the ticket I went into the lobby and got in line, which gradually run into the hall! In the queue there were about 50 and all launched, after 40 minutes of waiting, saying that there were no more seats! So I “visited” the first show in new York;))


After arrived my friend from Las Vegas who happened to be in new York, and, thanks to his English;) we met with the guys that I’ve done on this show. Now I have those who will do the hair of my models on my show!;)

After a while I sat in a cafe on the street and watched the people passing by, how they dressed, how they behave. I was filled with their freedom: they all looked happy, even passing by a beggar woman with red lips smiled at me;) Her eyes were filled with beauty, despite her clothes!  When I arrived at the hotel, I went from changing the time zone he wanted to sleep even more.

Slept 3 hours, I was awakened by a phone call from my friend, he helped me to perk up and tune in to what you need to get up and go to the party! At the party it was very important to meet people from the sphere of MBFW. I am with very great difficulty got up!

The girl I met yesterday through my friend, and I attended the same party and expecting me! I looked beautiful as always, I was wearing a long dress! Arriving at the event, my new friend told me: “It’s terrible, come on, I’ll show you the Normal place!!!” And took me to some club with roof deck!

This club was a youth, and on the porch were wooden tables, the atmosphere was like a pub! Me, in my long dress, here was definitely not the place! I was sweeping the dirt floor with his silk outfit! Men were kissing each other and girls with each other! Thank God I didn’t see it (she told me),  We had a little chat! On the way out I asked where’s the best club in town – my new friend did that always promised to take me to the nicest place!

We went to Gansevoort Meatpacking , where all the clubs, I looked at a couple and immediately went out! In the clubs it was crowded, and the music I did not like. In the end, the young man offered to go to a decent restaurant. Entering the restaurant, I said to my friend: “Well here’s a beautiful place!”


And she said that certainly beautiful, also very expensive! I understand that in a really good clubs, which according to her is incredibly difficult to pass, and in which there is no “normal people”, it simply does not pass face control.

Despite the fact that it was a good restaurant, my new friend ordered a Burger with fries 😉 I ordered a juice, but it turned out that fresh juices they do not, and the American juice boxes very different taste from ours, it is impossible to drink! While we were having dinner, she offered me a dress from her website (sells very cheap dresses), despite the fact that I only go in their dresses! I said that after my dresses, I can’t wear this and that my dress is still part of the image. Then she began to talk a whole lot about new York that people here don’t dress expensive that you buy everything on sale, even those who have money, will never buy an expensive thing! Talked about the fact that if I open my shop, I can splurge;) That new York city is a trap for everyone and many landed there, including she and her friend!

In General, it’s awful! So much negativity! I was so exhilarated inside and I like the bottom dropped, all my illusions dispelled! I asked you not to tell me more about it that I do not ask of the Council, and that competent in their field. Said before to do something, we’ll check it out!

After that she again started to say something negative, it was simply “on fire”! She thought that was me as if to warn, or wanted to cut off my wings! I told her that if I were thinking like it – I’t be sitting here now!

My new friend drove me by car to the hotel, and she took the subway home to Brooklyn! More I haven’t met her.

The next day (3rd day of my stay in new York) at 13.30 show designer, whose work I love, and on the show I definitely need to get!! My goal for today is to visit this show! I leaf through the deal and see photos of the same photographer on the area of Lincoln center. I wrote him in the comments what you want to see him. He answered me, in spite of the large number of subscribers and the comments under his photos!

I spoke about his goal, but he replied that he was not on the show: he was with the girlfriend who are unable to get there. Then I asked him to try to go to the show with me! We met up! I’m using a translator in the phone explained to him how it is important for me to get on the show, we have to try, set him on the right way!

We arrived on the scene, took a long queue;). We all have tickets, but we can’t! We reached the girls with lists, and he began to explain to them about the lack of tickets and a great desire, I just smiled!;). The girl wrote our names on the list and allowed to pass! I was very happy!


The show was unusual! There were no chairs, everyone in the audience can move next to
the podium, looking at the models that came out, six times, and stood as motionless doll! Me ten people said in all that time, what my beautiful dress!


I waited a designer and pleased out of the common room outside.

Night I phoned with a new girl in absentia introduced to me by my friend from Latvia!;) His girlfriend lives in new York and we decided together to go to a party, timed to coincide with Fashion week. I bought us tickets and, having met, on time drove to the hotel where the party was held! I closed my eyes – so I wanted to sleep. But travelling to the centre of Broadway, I saw that the people here never sleeps! Natalie wrote me encouraging SMS) I was happy to see her!

We went to a party where we made delicious cocktails! The location was good!

We talked about a lot, she cheered me and said that what I told the girl yesterday – all nonsense! After we went to the club on the roof, after being there a little, went out to catch a taxi to go to eat. Right at the street talking with us three respectable men in suits, offered to have a Breakfast together, we refused. It turned out that one of the men the founder of a very large and well-known American brand of clothing. Very useful for street at 5 am)

After a good Breakfast we with my girlfriend went home! I was pleased to return every time to your wonderful room, which so inspired me!

On the fourth day I went to one show. I missed the beginning, still allowed there! It was a show of the winner of the American reality show “Podium“. I was in awe of the work of this designer!




After that we went to my hotel to pack for the next party! I dressed up Natalie in elegant long dress and herself dressed in a stunning long new dress! When we went outside, there was not a single person who would not have looked!

This evening was unforgettable.) First we came to the party, where they were virtually alone African Americans: I like them, but the girls looked at us very negatively;) We were seated on the first row! All waited for the show! Long have we not been sitting, went to the bar!


When the show began (if you can call it a show), we went from there! Then we went to mitaken, Natalie showed me beautiful places! Went up to the roof, went to the Tao restaurant, which serves a unique and incredibly delicious meals. In this restaurant we will definitely come again.

13Has not passed also five minutes, asked to take our picture! Everyone was asking who the designer dresses?! Admired when they learned that I am a designer!

We photographed so much that I have already told your hashtag to tagged me on instagram! We met with a man the owner of children’s store and men’s clothing (also designer)! And the most unusual – we met with one of the main people in the fashion industry in new York. One of the sites, where screenings take place in the framework of MBFW, belongs to him, not only the area but also the area. His friend invited me to attend a few shows. The second his friend I said I wanted to wear foreign stars, Cameron Diaz, in their dresses, after which he replied that she was his girlfriend. I certainly hope that’s true. 😉

Natalie stayed in my hotel, in the morning she left.

The next day I met with a new friend. In this place the first time I didn’t get on the show. He led me backstage after we were on the show! In total, we visited two or three times, but I wasnít impressed!


We tried to get to the DKNY show through his acquaintances. But the time before the start there was little time, and get on the show was not a success because we made a late request.

16In the evening I have a good friend who was met at the airport, took me through the city, showing me new York.

He showed me Madison Avenue, where most of the most beautiful shops! It’s a great street! I saw a lot of interesting places in new York and even more fantastic shopping, and I realized that my shop must be here! Was looking at new York from the other side, across the river. My friend bought me hot dogs and very, very tasty milk shake, which in new York is always a queue, saying that I “should try them, because, it is impossible to visit new York and not try these “traditional” American Goodies”. Then he showed me expensive areas, houses on the waterfront and the place where he lives DiCaprio;). I fell asleep on the go! Then took me to the hotel! I fell asleep very quickly!


Next day. In the morning I had a photoshoot in the Park with a photographer, whom I met on the first day of the first party. We shot three looks. In this Park a beautiful place, very beautiful scenery, rocks!


We took off before lunch, and I went to the hotel, where I waited for a second photographer, with whom we also did a photo shoot on the street and on the roof of my hotel! Turned out great pictures!


As it turned out, the shows went all day without a break, in completely different places in the city. I looked at the schedule and offered his friend the photographer to come with me in the Lincoln center, the main place, where fashion week Mercedes Benz. I said that we must try to pass to the screening. We drove!)

19I got out of the cab to the area, I was immediately surrounded by about 6 photographers, and they all began to take pictures of me;) It was very nice! I told them that I am a designer from Russia and gave their business cards.

At the entrance stood the guards that no one was allowed inside. There were two doors: VIP and regular. After the VIP door you go inside immediately, and after the usual door you walk into the lobby and stand in line for one ticket to the show (i.e. you check in the database, watch your name and write you a ticket!)

In General, the guards were impregnable, clearly repeated, if there are no tickets, you can`t go inside. We were not alone such interested persons who wanted to get on the show.


I did not leave the guard looked at him and said, please, in English, to which he waved his head in response: no! I have to get inside, I came here specifically for this fashion week. I am a designer, for me it is very important to attend these shows! I have to go inside and get on the show! My friend sadly looked at me and I said don’t be sad! We have to try!!! Come on! Let’s try! We will get!

I wrote to my new friend who could help me he said that he will solve it for 15 minutes and added that his friend works there! But after 5 minutes he replied that his friend is now not working! Blow after blow on the way to the goal! I continued to stand closest to the door and the guards, although I have been asked to depart, I not departed! Then came the other guard, an older, and my friend started to talk to him. He said that I am a designer from Russia, she arrived at the fashion week, which is important to me to attend a screening! I looked at him ready to cry, eyes were dimmed with tears. He asked what show I want? I said that at 6 o’clock, he said he was coming. I said immediately, then 7 hours! Then the guard gave in: “okay” – he said, – “come inside, you still will not let go without a ticket!”


Well 50% we’ve been through, I was already happy! But then I get in line that goes to the girls who look your ticket and check your list! My friend stood a little farther from me: he wanted to talk with chief curator, so I was allowed on the show. I stood in line and turned around to look at his friend, I was worried, on the way saw a man, aged 60, he looked at me and I smiled at him. Later he came up to me and started talking to me! I could on your English explained my situation! He understood her, and said not to worry. When our turn came, first the girls found it and knocked him a new ticket with a seat. Then the man said I was Russian designer and would like to see the show, but I have no ticket. The girl thought for a few seconds, then knocked me too the ticket without a seat – standing!

Oh, most importantly I went inside, and I will get on this show! And the show was very cool designer! That’s why so many volunteers! I was very happy! We made a couple of photos. And already in the hall I met with several people. 😉 With the photographer and the guy who asked to be photographed with me!)

On entering the show room!

All those a ticket for a standing place, standing in a queue separate from all. Well, here I passed into the hall, skipping the queue!!! And, of course, I was not, and sat and watched the show!

On each row, curators, security guards everywhere all check your tickets! I managed to overcome all obstacles!)

The show was the famous designer of the Zag Toi. On the front row sat the wife of Donald Trump, and several stars. Also on the scene ran Paul Macartney. The whole room after the show, stood up, and shouted congratulations to the designer happy birthday! I loved it! What level! What kind of people! I want to be here and want to do his show here!!! I met with several people! Many stayed near me and say what my beautiful dress!


At the exit I was approached by a security guard who was standing near the VIP door, and in Russian language, said “you did good!” I was surprised and told him why he was Russian and didn’t speak to me?! To which he replied that he could not understand Russian or not, he wanted to talk to me! And I looked at him and thought, may come to him and ask him, to let him go!;) Apparently, I needed to overcome these obstacles! He told me that I can come back tomorrow, and he will help me go to all the shows, but I’m leaving tomorrow morning to go home! From this I became very ill.

24My friend the photographer was waiting for me on the square all this time, he held up to the hotel. I said goodbye to him and then went to a car party. There I was approached by the girl who knocked me a ticket to the show – I told her thank you very much!

25When I was in the hotel, I was very bad, the tears kept rolling my eyes. I didn’t realize that I was doing all these days, why go to the center only on the last day. Why I was so stupid! Yes I’ve rebuilt to a new time, I always wanted to sleep! Why two days I was not in those places that need! Maybe it should have been, so I can see the new city on all sides.My friend from Russia really helped me and supported me in this moment, he said I was a great fellow! That some days I did so much, and that I achieved my goal!I really got easier! But I don’t agree to fly home tomorrow! I need one more day! I have to stay! I went to bed with the idea that I remain, in order, for one more day!

Waking up, I went downstairs and paid for one day of your luxurious room, which I eventually got more than twice than my two bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow for a month! Bought a new plane ticket! One more day stay cost me 1000$,it was my last money! I gathered, dressed in a beautiful dress and arrived at the Plaza of Lincoln center!

As soon as I walked up to the square… Oh, my God, for this moment was worth to stay here for one more day! To me began to run up photographers! They blocked my way! They became more and more!!!!! Around 45-50 people! They’re all taking pictures of me! A very long time! They wouldn’t let me leave! 7 minutes I stood and posed for them;) Knowing that I may be late to the show, I just had to break through them and run in the literal sense;) But, some ahead of me, got up ahead and filmed me on the go!!! Ahaha, it was funny!

They all knew I was the designer and asked me for business cards! I gave out almost all the cards, even without going inside!

I with a smile on his face ran up to his new friend! The senior guard, first wouldn’t let me to go;). But I had no doubts, just smiled at him and I was escorted through the VIP entrance!


Next I was escorted to the hall where people gathered to show and got backstage! It was particularly interesting for me!)

The organizers of this fashion week’s all very well, so I like it! How cool that I got inside, even the lack of English and lack of tickets did not prevent me!

Yes, and get behind the scenes;) Some miracles happen, I thought;) I Love your points that help me live the dream)! After I was seated on the second row and I enjoyed the show;)

I love such open people! They do not hide their emotions, able to Express his admiration, they are so good! So nice in their society! And I realized where I want to make the show! Only in this place! This level! I love it!

Many people ask who the designer of my dress, when I learned that the designer before them, the joys they have no limit!


Despite the fact that I could to go on any show, I randomly found a card without a name, with which I could get on any show. So I was lucky enough to see a few more shows.



After I changed into another beautiful dress (my hotel was near this center.






I also took into account when choosing a hotel), and then spent time on party, timed to the show, where it also met some very helpful people.

The evening ended in my beautiful restaurant on the roof, which could see the skyscrapers of new York city! I loved this day!

I saw new York from all sides and one side I liked especially! That’s where I should be and my dresses! These people, they appreciate the beauty so much! They are accustomed to it! Freedom for them, it helps so, so nice to chat with them! People admire my dresses that were put on me, not even seeing my main collections! They know nothing about me, but they just can see and feel the creativity! And openly admire!

I got acquainted with other designers, and they marveled, saying that I have talent;) as it’s nice to hear from people who know nothing about you! I learned from this trip very much useful! Not going to talk about their ambitious plans, but I will say that one of the following steps, will be attending fashion week in new York! I already know how they will perceive the new designer and how my collection will conquer America!!!